FAQ’s & Contact

What is your email address?
StacyAtchley@outlook.com (PayPal) or stacy@stacyatchley.com

Do you ship internationally?
We do and have!

What are your shipping charges?
Domestic shipping is included in the cost of the portrait. Contact me for a quote on an international shipping surcharge. If you are local and can accept a hand-delivery, there will be a discount applied.

when is payment due?
In most cases, I do not expect payment until the design work for the piece is complete. For larger orders, a partial payment may be
acceptable, with final payment when the piece(s) are completed.

How long does it take to get a portrait?
That will depend on current orders in process and on the complexity of your request.
Generally it takes at least three weeks from design to execution for even a simple request

What if I’m on a tight time line?
You can always ask.  It will be easier for me to say yes to a simple request with top quality photos

How much are your pet portraits?
Portraits start at $55 but require a quote.  Final price will depend on size, complexity, and photo quality.

Do I have to have digital photos?
I can scan your photos for you, for a nominal charge.  You will get your photos back with the completed portrait.

Can you work from any photo?
Ideally, the photo(s) from which I work are clear, complete, and taken in good light. Poor quality photos make the process difficult, and likely
there will be a higher charge for dark, poorly focused, incomplete, and extremely monochrome photos.

Is there a limit to the number of photos for a portrait?

There is no formal limit, however working from more than six or eight becomes exceedingly complex. The more photos, the higher the cost.

What types of payment do you accept?
I take PayPal (use the Outlook email address), money order, or cash.  If you are local, family, or long-time friend, I may take a personal check.

What is your mailing address?
Please message me if you need this information