Stacy Atchley has been creating art for personal and commercial use since childhood, having had art classes throughout her grammar school and high school years. While in college, she designed several store logos and produced original drawings for pin money. Straight out of college, she worked as a commercial artist, designing t-shirts for a local screen printing company.

After securing a professional job, Stacy continued to produce art work for herself, her family, and her friends on a limited basis, including not only pen and ink, pastels, and graphite but also needlework. Stacy has taken a number of painting classes in the folk and faux art genre, including a seminar with Karl-Heinz Meschbach, the faux master, In the late 1990s.

In recent years, Stacy has focused primarily on pen and ink drawings. She has donated many custom works to fund-raising efforts of animal rescues, and produced custom portraiture both on commission and as personal gifts. Part of her body of work is displayed on this site, although the vast majority has escaped without being photographed.

Stacy lives in Exton, Pennsylvania with her husband Jon and an assortment of rescued pets.